Health Partner Workshop

The health journey is not meant to be traveled alone. Everyone needs a coach. But how do you help someone on the road to better health? What if you haven’t been trained as a health coach?

The answer? You can always be a health partner. Whether you’re a doctor, dietitian, therapist, health coach, spouse or friend, this course will help you become a more effective health partner and workshop host.

Whether you need to help someone lose weight, reverse diabetes, reverse heart disease, or just start to exercise, this course will teach you how to effectively listen, motivate and empower your health partner to better health. With practical tips and ideas, you’ll learn how to help your friends set and achieve their health goals.

Rick Mautz, PT, MS, is a health coach, wellness coach, and the health director for the Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Wyoming and Colorado region.

Course Materials

  • Rick Mautz PT, MS

    Rick Mautz PT, MS
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$49 USDTotal Duration: 2 hrs. 30 min.