The use of water for healing is as old as humankind. Despite the abundance of water (both hot and cold) in our homes today, we use hydrotherapy less in this period of history than ever before. We have forgotten the art of hydrotherapy. Re-learn this healing art.

In this course, Susan Pallendini, hydro and massage therapy instructor at Weimar College in northern California, explains the scientific theory behind hydrotherapy and covers the equipment and preparation necessary to do treatments.

Learn 16 of the most common treatments you can do at home such as the steam bath, hot and cold shower, Sitz bath, cold fomentations, salt foot bath, and more.

Learn how to boost your immune system, quickly relieve back pain, fight colds, heal injured joints and muscles and relieve many other common ailments.

Course Materials

  • Susan Pellandini

    Susan Pellandini
  • Christina Harris, PhD

    Christina Harris, PhD
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