So you have all these amazing aspirations to do great things with your life. Maybe they’re to become debt free, lose weight, become a better parent, or just be more organized. No matter how hard you try to achieve your goals however, you sometimes can’t help but feel like you’re not meeting them. While you might have success for a time, after a while, your motivation and stamina always seem to fizzle out, and you end up back at square one.

Don’t feel bad, I’ve been there, too! I know what it’s like to start out strong and then not finish at all. But something I also know what it’s like to completely crush my goals! That is why in this post I will share with you the top two secrets I’ve discovered that will help you do the same.

Note: If you have several goals in mind, I would recommend taking some time to select your top priority goal. This is because when you’re trying to do too much at the same time, it can become overwhelming, discouraging, and quickly give way to giving up entirely. Here are some questions to ask to help narrow down your list:

  • Which goal would have the greatest impact for good in my life?
  • What goal am I the most motivated by?
  • What goal would be the easiest to accomplish?

Here’s an example of how the above questions helped me: Awhile back, I had a lot of things on my goal list. I needed to exercise more, eat a better breakfast and have some extra personal reflection time—all before heading to work in the morning. As I thought about it, I noticed that the common theme was that I lacked time in the mornings. So, instead of directly trying to meet my above goals, I decided that my top priority goal would be to go to bed earlier. Lo and behold, almost immediately my three other goals were being met.

Now that you’ve picked the one goal you want to focus on, here are two successful secrets I learned while trying to free myself from debt several years ago. These secrets have stuck with me ever since; they’ve not only helped me, but they’ve also helped others to meet their goals.

Secret 1: Feed the Fire 

When seeking to pay off my car loan, I needed to stay motivated. I needed to feed my motivational “fire”. Just like a fire will eventually die out if no extra fuel is added, so will your motivation if you don’t intentionally feed it.

In order to stay on track to get out of debt, I fed my fire by listening to podcasts, watching videos, and reading books on the topic of debt. This motivated me so much that I ended up paying off my car loan earlier than expected! If you apply this secret to any of your goals, it will take you a long way in your efforts to reach your goal.

Secret 2: Share the Fire

Thought the first secret can help you get to the finish line, this second secret will almost guarantee your success!

What does “sharing the fire” mean? Well, the second thing I did while trying to free myself from debt was to share what I was learning on my journey out of debt. There are two main reasons or benefits of sharing what you’re learning along the way:

  1. It’s often said that the best way to learn is to teach. This is why sharing what you learn with others will help make it permanent in your life. Posting on social media or in conversation are great, simple ways to do this.
  2. Accountability gives way to victory. By sharing your goals with others, they can keep you accountable. “Going public,” will help put positive pressure on you to fulfill your goals. One could post their goals on social media, but for the best results, ask a couple of trusted friends or family members to keep you accountable instead. Setting up daily or weekly meetings, phone calls, or texts can go a long way.

I believe in these secrets because they’ve worked for me. I can’t wait to hear how they work for you, too.

Photo by Arnold Exconde on Unsplash


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Joel Moutray

Joel is an energetic and caring person. His strong belief in health and our responsibility to help others drives him to influence those around him. Over seven years of nonprofit work have given him experience in leadership, sales, motivational speaking, and marketing. When not at work Joel enjoys traveling, reading and being in the outdoors.

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