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Pancake Puffs

I wanted something special for my Mum's birthday breakfast, not the usual. After some internet searching this idea came up. …

Pumpkin Bread

Fall is just a good excuse to eat pumpkin bread. Besides the fact that pumpkin is really good for you, …

Coconut Layer Cake

There’s nothing more special than a layer cake.  While all cakes have their merit, layer cakes almost always mean …

Raw German Chocolate Cheesecake

Offer someone a slice of raw cheesecake and they might give you a funny look, envisioning slimy custard and salmonella-infested eggs. But if that person has experienced this decadent, silky-smooth, nut-based cheesecake, well, then they will love you fore

Quick Chia-Nut Granola

It’s dangerous to have crunchy, freshly baked granola sitting on the counter within arm’s reach. This is a small batch so exercise your willpower and appease your temptations with just one hot cluster.

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