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Quick Chia-Nut Granola

It’s dangerous to have crunchy, freshly baked granola sitting on the counter within arm’s reach. This is a small batch so exercise your willpower and appease your temptations with just one hot cluster.

Sweet and Salty Oat Scones

These little round scones are a softer and chewier adaptation of oatcakes, a traditional Scottish hard crackers or biscuits that are served with jam, dip or on their own.

Homemade Nachos

Nachos are an everyman’s favorite. Our version is much healthier and cheaper than what you’d find at a restaurant or fast food joint. Enjoy!

Banana-Cocoa Freeze

I don’t know how this might change your opinion about us but…some of us have this for an indulgent breakfast.

Oatmeal Bake

An easy, warm, and hearty change from the everyday oatmeal breakfast.

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