abbouleh Hummus Wrap

This is a great example of mixing and matching recipes. Take the Tabbouleh recipe and stuff it into a wrap with hummus. Fantastic!

Life and Health tip: Add any additional vegetables of your choice to your wrap.

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  • 4 whole wheat tortillas or wraps
  • 1 cucumber, sliced
  • 1 recipe Tabbouleh
  • 1 recipe Hummus


  • Assemble your wrap by spreading a layer of Hummus on the tortilla, adding ⅓ cup of Tabbouleh, and 2-3 slices of cucumber.
  • Wrap it up like you would a burrito, cut, and enjoy!

Ready in about 10 minutes
Makes 4 wraps

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2 comments on “Tabbouleh Hummus Wrap

  1. Putting the videos up is a good start, but I see this wrap recipe calls for 1 recipe of Tabbouleh & 1 recipe of Hummus. Where are these? I can Google things and find a recipe but once again, these are kind of useless without that info. Not everyone knows how to make these things. Thanks.

    • Thank you for watching the videos. We do appreciate your comment. I personally looked into this issue. When our recipe calls for another recipe, we normally have those recipe videos on our website, and the author of this article specified the links to those recipes. However, there was some error with the coding on our website that caused the links not to show up. We fixed the issue, and you should be able to see direct links whenever there’s a recipe called within a recipe (highlighted in blue), and once you click on it, it will take straight to the recipe. Thank you!

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