Danny Kwon—Executive Director

As a graduate of University of Manitoba School of Law, Danny moved quickly from practicing law to the nonprofit sector. He initially found his passion for nonprofit work in an organization that worked with troubled youth. He is known around the office to have at minimum of two or three varieties of mixed nuts in his office and to toss a Canadian “eh” into conversation when least expected. More importantly, Danny has a deep-seated interest in media production, embodies the “first to arrive, last to leave” ethic, and is a constant stream of innovative, far-reaching ideas and realistic strategies to make them a reality.

Danny and his lovely wife Lisa have three little munchkins named Ava, Aaron, and Jonah.


Sung Hoon Kang—Creative Director

Born in South Korea, Sung Hoon also lived in the Philippines and China before coming to the United States.

Sung Hoon has degrees in both Publication Management and Media Management. He taught classes in videography, graphic design, and theology at Hartland College for over four years. He’s also done extensive freelance work in graphic design and videography. Sung Hoon enjoys photography and violin, which he has played since age 6.

Sung Hoon is married to the love of his life, Alexandra, and have two beautiful boys—Aiden and Ethan.


Jon Ewald—Editor

Hailing from Minnesota with a degree in German and Communication studies, Jon was among the first to join the Life and Health team. He continues to hold the status as the tallest man in the office.

Since Life and Health’s startup, he’s done just about everything- from writing and editing articles, to operating the teleprompter during film shoots, to installing bookshelves. He pauses only to take a bite of German rye bread, pad around the office in his barefoot shoes, and give his newlywed wife Rachel a call.

Jon’s favorite food: His mom’s deliciously creamy, chunky soup using Minnesota wild rice. Our team was so impressed that we dubbed it “Ewald Wild Rice Stew” and included it in our new cookbook.


Daniel Velez Wagner—Video Editor/Spanish Editor

Daniel is just a few months away from completing a degree in Christian Media Management. The armadillos of Texas, the alligators of Florida, and the alpacas of South America have all claimed Daniel as a fellow-citizen at one time or another.

Daniel enjoys hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, traveling, photography, and reading. He’s studying to be a pilot. His favorite food is wood-fired pizza marinara, blueberry pie & vegan ice cream

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