Achievements and shopping carts in the Epic Games Store will have to wait a bit longer

With cloud-based buildings, design and a private hosting, the video is also not going well.The developers of Epic Games Store have updated the list of new epic games achievements that have been integrated into the store and the list of planned features that are just waiting for their implementation. While the expansion of the possibilities of the store is slower than that, it is suggested.

In March, the distributors said that after 1-3 months they plan to add the cloud storage, make the design reasonable, optimize the size of the patches and allow the solution to be removed. Now these updates are still scheduled for July, we still don’t know if they will be able to release them before the end of the month.

Then on the page of the Epic Games Store in Trello it was reported that after 4-6 months in the store there will be a list of what you want, reviews, support for fashion, overlays, and no room for parking. After 4 months, these tasks continue to be in the same state and the same window, like the one before. At the beginning, my developers were working on a quick start. It was supposed that cloudy storage will appear in the store until the end of May, and until the end of June integration with the Humble Bundle will be implemented and the time should be left off for a while. Until this happened.

The reach and the basket are still in the long-term plans of the store: they will appear as a minimum after six months. Exactly the same status and these tasks were in March, at the time of loading a custom development card for the site.
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