Let food be thy medicine. Learn how changing your diet from animal-based to plant-based can help eliminate or control diseases like cancer and diabetes, and then put it into practice by following our easy plant-based recipes.
Curried Peas and AlmondsBy Life and Health NetworkLooking for a quick side dish that won’t take up oven or stovetop space? This recipe might be your answer. Vibrant colors and an exciting combination of soft and crunchy textures make this curried pea dish an excellent “change-of-pace” addition to any meal.
Masala-Spiced Chickpeas and CauliflowerBy Life and Health NetworkMasala dishes like this one are popular in Northern India. In this recipe, chickpeas and cauliflower are simmered along with Indian spices like cumin and turmeric. Delicious over rice or scoop it up with naan.
Humble LentilsBy Life and Health NetworkLentils shine because they know how to get out of the way. Whether it’s caramelized onions or oregano, lentils provide a comforting palette for flavors to shine. So get creative, break out the spice rack, and let the humble lentils shine!
Indian Red Lentil SoupBy Life and Health NetworkLentil soup is usually eaten when one is in need or want of something comforting and inexpensive.  This variation is much the same, except with the added bonus of being quite exotic in flavor, too.  The fragrant Indian spices lighten and brighten the soup’s homey flavor.  Red lentils tend to easily break down into a coarse puree during the cooking process so you should expect a creamier texture than typical lentil soups.