Let food be thy medicine. Learn how changing your diet from animal-based to plant-based can help eliminate or control diseases like cancer and diabetes, and then put it into practice by following our easy plant-based recipes.
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Oil-Free GranolaBy Life and Health NetworkAlthough granola has a healthy image, many granolas are actually full of sugar and oil. This granola is perfect for individuals on low-fat diets, it contains no added fats and still tastes great (thanks to the coconut and almond butter). You can also substitute or add in you favorite nuts or dried fruits to suit your taste.
Cream of Tomato SoupBy Life and Health NetworkIf you’re wondering if it’s possible to make a steaming bowl of blissfully creamy tomato soup without dairy, this recipe is your answer.
Hummus WrapBy Life and Health NetworkBalanced, simple, delicious. Try it on a sun-dried tomato, spinach, or regular whole-wheat flour tortilla!
Simple PancakesBy Life and Health NetworkWe love these light and fluffy pancakes exactly the way this picture shows: with a little dab of almond butter and sliced bananas.
Roasted Almond ButterBy Life and Health NetworkAlmond butter is one of the easiest things to make in this cookbook. It’s decidedly not the easiest to clean up, but well worth the trouble. Almond butter is (in my opinion) much tastier than peanut butter and has the added benefit of providing a hefty dose of Vitamin E. You may have avoided it on store shelves because of the high price tag but hopefully this simple recipe will convince you to give it a try. If you prefer the flavor of raw almond, you can skip ahead to the blending paragraph.
Brazil Nut GravyBy Life and Health NetworkBrazil nuts aren’t usually a pantry staple but every time I get my hands on them, I’m pleasantly reminded of how buttery and sweet they taste. All of the Brazil nut’s comforting flavors are brought out in this gravy recipe shared with us by Dr. Lorayne Barton. We like it best over biscuits.
Cashew Cheese SauceBy Life and Health NetworkUse anywhere a cheese sauce is required. Like mac n cheese. This non-dairy vegan cheese sauce tastes great and the best part is, you don't have to cook it.
Lemon-Garlic VinaigretteBy Life and Health NetworkDon’t buy bottled dressing with countless ingredients and just try this one! Lemon and garlic bring a world of zing to any salad, fancy or plain.
Simple Basil PestoBy Life and Health NetworkI adore fresh pesto. It is so easy to make and brings incredible flavor to everything: pasta, sandwiches, grilled vegetables, rice, pizza—it’s an addition of something lovely every time. Traditional pesto calls for Parmesan cheese but this one simply omits it and ups the ante with extra pine nuts and lemon.  Besides, shouldn’t the basil be the star?
Lemony Avocado DipBy Life and Health NetworkIf you love avocado, making it into a dressing is a great way to try it. This dressing is especially good when it’s massaged into curly kale.
Mango-Lime SalsaBy Life and Health NetworkWe love this sweet and tangy salsa best with the Caribbean burritos but it would be just as good with a simple handful of tortilla chips or on top of an enchilada for a tropical spin.
Fresh Corn-Basil SalsaBy Life and Health NetworkFor obvious, basil-and-corn-related reasons, this salsa is best on wonderfully hot summer days.
Coconut Layer CakeBy Life and Health NetworkThere’s nothing more special than a layer cake. While all cakes have their merit, layer cakes almost always mean that a lot of work and thought was put into this baked good. They require not only the mastering of baking a cake, but also the to bake, frost, stack, and frost. And when it comes to coconut cake, they’re worth the effort every time. Coconut cake not only satisfies your need for something sweet and cake-like, but they also give you a taste of the tropics. And this ones does the tropics proud.
Raw Lemon CheesecakeBy Life and Health NetworkThis amazing cheesecake is so good, you'll think it's the real thing. Made without dairy, this cheesecake is easy to make and is made without baking or cooking!
Raw German Chocolate CheesecakeBy Life and Health NetworkFree of refined sugar, grains, gluten, dairy, and eggs, it contains no tricky ingredients and really consists of only two components: a crust made from nuts and cocoa, and a creamy center made from…nuts and cocoa. The entire recipe can be made in a high-speed blender and it’s kind of magical to see the way the ingredients transform into something that tastes so distinctly like German chocolate cheesecake. I won’t deny that this is an incredibly rich cake, so make sure to be mindful of portion sizes!
​Spiced Pumpkin PieBy Life and Health NetworkYes, vegan pumpkin pie. No matter how quickly pumpkin pie makes your mind turn to butter, milk, eggs, and whipped cream, pie lends itself easily to vegan interpretation. Dare we say it tastes better, too?
Citrus Cream BiscuitsBy Life and Health NetworkUsually, biscuits tend to be a bit on the dry side, especially when they’re vegan, but these are lovely and tender, with the sweet-tartness of the lemon and orange peel shining through. They’re a perfect base for strawberry shortcake stacks in the summertime.
Lemon Cornmeal CookiesBy Life and Health NetworkIf you’re looking for a dessert other than chocolate-caramel-coconut-etc., the only thing that should come to mind is a lightly sweet, subtly tart lemon cornmeal cookie with the tiny crunch of granulated sugar on top. It’s a perfect cookie to eat with a cup of tea in the wintertime. But then again, it’s a perfect cookie to pack on a hot day spent at the beach. Maybe it’s just a perfect cookie.
AB&J (Almond Butter and Jam) CookiesBy Life and Health NetworkDisclaimer: your children will love this recipe. Any recipe that instructs them to jam their thumbs into cookie dough and fill it with jam is an A+ in their books. It’s a cookie that will win your heart, too. Raspberries and almonds are a winning combination and this recipe in particular highlights the flavors beautifully—lightly sweet, with a buttery almond flavor and pop of sweet raspberry goodness. If you and your children are fans of PB&J, you’ll love this cookie.
Monkey ShakeBy Life and Health NetworkPeanut butter, dates, chocolate, bananas…tell me one of those things isn't on your "favorite foods" list.
Zesty Tomato-Basil BruschettaBy Life and Health NetworkMost people love and remember bruschetta for its bright, fresh tomato and basil components, not so much for the sprinkle of cheese on top. So why not omit the cheese altogether?
Chilled Summer YamsBy Life and Health NetworkFor quite some time, I wasn’t sure what to call this recipe.  Pumpkin pie mash?  Pumpkin pie filling?  Sweet potato salad?  Then, I took a bite and closed my eyes.  What came to mind were picnics, summertime, Tupperware containers, and my happy children.  Hence, “chilled summer yams,” perfect for packing int
Curried Peas and AlmondsBy Life and Health NetworkLooking for a quick side dish that won’t take up oven or stovetop space? This recipe might be your answer. Vibrant colors and an exciting combination of soft and crunchy textures make this curried pea dish an excellent “change-of-pace” addition to any meal.
Roasted Butternut Squash and SageBy Life and Health NetworkRoasted squash embodies the essence of winter meals and could be the perfect solution if you were searching for a plant-based holiday side dish. Consider this simple recipe a base for a more-dressed up roasted squash and sage dish; consider adding caramelized onions, dried cranberries, and toasted pine nuts for a more lavish holiday spread.