Aquafaba Mayonnaise (Vegan)

This is the perfect light mayo for all your mayo needs! It’s much healthier than real mayo but doesn’t lack in texture and flavor. The key to making vegan mayo is the…

Sofrito Boricua

Sofrito Boricua

The sofrito is one of the most important ingredients of Puerto Rican food, since it is used to make almost all the most important dishes. The wonderful thing about this recipe is…

Red Chili Sauce

Red Chili Sauce

This is a basic sauce that can be used to make many Mexican dishes, such as Pozole and Enchiladas. I prefer to use peppers that are not spicy, but that is really…

Vegetarian Seasoning

It is very common in Latin American cuisine to use the famous “bouillon cubes” or “powdered consommé”, either flavored with chicken, beef or tomato. Unfortunately, these products can have a very high…

Vegan Melted Cheese

One of the characteristics that people miss most about cheese when they stop using it is its texture when it melts. This version of vegetarian cheese has a texture very similar to…

Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce

The original version of this recipe is a meat sauce from Bologna, Italy. It can be used on different types of pasta or lasagna. The vegetarian version can be prepared with soy…

Cashew Sour Cream

This cream is fantastic for any dish that has sour cream. For a cream with a more neutral flavor you can simply skip the lemon juice. When refrigerated it is kept in…

Black Bean Chipotle Dip

Black Bean Chipotle Dip

Give your whole grain crackers and fresh cut veggies something different to cheer about. The secret to this great dip is to use lots of garlic and lime.

Tangy Herb Salad Dressing

Tangy Herb Salad Dressing

This versatile dressing can be used on salads but also works great as a dip.

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