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Session 1
The Truth About Type 2 Diabetes

Available on Jan. 7 (6pm PST)

Session 2
The Root Cause And True Cure For Type 2 Diabetes

Available on Jan. 8 (6pm PST)

Session 3
How Your Food Choices Can Make Or Break Your Health

Available on Jan. 9 (6pm PST)

Session 4
How To Navigate Confusing Options And Choose The Best Path

Available on Jan. 10 (6pm PST)

Session 5
The Little-Known Factors That Make A Huge Difference

Available on Jan. 14 (6pm PST)

Session 6
More Tips & Tricks For Reversing Diabetes

Available on Jan. 15 (6pm PST)

Session 7
How To Create A Diabetes-Free Lifestyle

Available on Jan. 16 (6pm PST)

Session 8
How You Can Make Sure You’ll Be Diabetes-Free, Forever

Available on Jan. 17 (6pm PST)

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