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Perceived Value Syndrome (And Why You Can’t Seem To Commit)

So often in love, particularly romantic love, we want those who don’t want us and don’t want those who do. Pairing failures are inevitable, having to do with taste, personality, education level,…

Vegan Diet. The Fountain of Youth?
Vegan Diet. The Fountain of Youth?

For centuries, people have told tales of adventurers/entrepreneurs going on long, treacherous journeys to try and discover the fountain of youth—a spring that prevents aging. What if I told you that the…

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Homemade Nachos

Anytime of the year is a good time for nachos, especially if you’re entertaining for a big, boisterous group of friends. This recipe is quick, easy to adjust to your personal preferences, and everybody seems to love the.  When you’re trying to be vegan or entertain vegan friends, nachos may seem out of the question, but this recipe answers that question with a resounding “yes”!

Orange Cranberry Scones

This recipe was inspired by the orange cranberry scones they offer at Starbucks. They were one of my mom’s favorite desserts there, until she found the recipe and was able to make them at home. She passed the recipe along to me and I was able to make it plant-based to enjoy. These scones are a great sweet treat because the whole batch only contains 7 teaspoons of sugar. That’s almost less than ½ a teaspoon per scone, and that’s a whole lot less than your average dessert. The glaze adds a little bit more sugar, but it is always optional.

Black Bean Chipotle Dip
Black Bean Chipotle Dip

Give your whole grain crackers and fresh cut veggies something different to cheer about. The secret to this great dip is to use lots of garlic and lime.

Mushroom Pozole

The pozole is a tasty traditional Mexican dish that is usually prepared with pork, and that is very easy to prepare. This vegetarian version is much lighter since it is much lower in fat, especially saturated fats. The vegetables that are added at the time of serving make this recipe provide a good amount of fiber and nutrients for the body.

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