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Ask A Runner: Harvey Hahn

Board member and frequent contributor Dr. Harvey Hahn was recently featured on Runner’s World for his incredible story of transformation, from sick and overweight to running marathons. Life & Health Network interviewed Dr. Hahn…

The Power of Positive Thinking!
The Power of Positive Thinking!

The ancient Greeks used to think that the mind was physically located in the heart. While they were wrong about that, there is a strong mind-body connection that is finally being scientifically…

Vegan-ish, Week 9: Tofu Thai Curry

My wife grew up vegetarian, so when we started dating Thai food was a great common ground for us when it came to picking restaurants. It’s also one of the cuisines that…


Every Californians favorite fruit- or is it a vegetable? Find out this and more

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​Roasted Root Vegetable Medley

Vegetables really don’t get simpler and tastier than this herbacious, roasted form.

Sweet Pea Soup
Sweet Pea Soup

The humble pea soup. Comfort food in a bowl.

Roasted Herb Potatoes

A little roasting goes a long way, especially when you have the perfect combination of waxy red potatoes and herbs.  Don’t limit these to only breakfast; they’d make a perfectly decent side dish to any of our main recipes.

Cocoa Coconut Cookies
Cocoa Coconut Cookies

This easy-to-make dessert takes cookies to another level!

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