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Turmeric: “The Golden Spice of India”

If an official list existed covering the world’s most valuable herbs, surely turmeric would be near the top. In recent years, I’ve been hearing more about turmeric, but I never realized just…

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Curried Tofu Salad

Best tofu salad without the eggs and mayonnaise! Who said vegan eats had to be tasteless? Still not convinced? Try this tofu salad out and you’ll see for yourself why dressing up your ordinary tofu never got tastier.

Simple Tofu Salad

You’d think that egg salad, which is made with eggs and mayonnaise (which is also made with eggs) might be a little hard to make if you don’t eat, well, eggs. Turns out you’d be wrong! These tofu egg-less salads are surprisingly convincing and, dare I say, even better than the classic. What’s more, you don’t have to eat it all in one sitting for fear of it going bad. Rather, leave it covered in the refrigerator overnight to let the spices seep into the tofu and make it taste even better the next day.

Southwest Black Bean Burger

A zingy southwestern take on a summer classic. Be sure to take this one with you on your next picnic.

Fresh Tomato-Basil Focaccia

Schiacciata is the Tuscan word for what most English-speakers might recognize as “focaccia.” Aptly meaning “squashed” or “flattened,” schiacciata is flattened with the fingers of the baker, leaving characteristic pockets along the top of the dough that hold little dredges of olive oil and salt.  This recipe for focaccia embeds a variety of herbs and thin slices of garlic in the dough before baking.  It’s the perfect base for a heaping pile of fresh ingredients, like cherry tomatoes and torn basil.

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