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The Love Cure for Addiction

As I researched infant bonding for my latest book, a far-reaching reality slowly dawned on me: we were created for a peace found only in love. Here’s that reality in neurological terms: A…


A common ingredient in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine known for its licorice-like flavor

Summer Activities to Get Kids Moving
Summer Activities to Get Kids Moving

Activity is very important for children. One of the contributors to the obesity epidemic is lack of activity. There are multiple factors that contribute to children not moving: lack of safe playgrounds,…

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

The secret to making Brussels sprouts palatable to just about anyone: roasting.  Roasting Brussels sprouts brings out their wonderful nutty flavor, plus it’s really easy to do.  One brilliant bonus: the roasting process browns and crisps the outer leaves, turning them into crunchy chips to munch on straight out of the oven.

Baked Falafel

Falafel might be one of the things you’ve never made from scratch before, but don’t be intimidated. The food processor does double duty for the chickpea mixture and the falafel balls are easily hand-or-ice-cream-scoop-formed, thanks to the breadcrumbs that bind everything together. One bite into a warm whole-wheat pita stuffed with freshly baked falafel and a few shakes of hot sauce, and ordering take out falafel will seem like too much trouble.

Crispy Walnut Roast
Crispy Walnut Roast

Savory and meaty, this nutty roast goes good with just about anything.

Creamy Potato Soup

This is one of the easiest soups in this cookbook, and can be dressed up or down in any direction, depending on the aromatics, vegetables, proteins, etc. that you have in your fridge.

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