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Waffle Day: How to make Red Velvet Waffles

For some reason, waffles always remind me of vacation. Maybe it’s because I associate them with hotels where you can make your own waffles for breakfast. So when I make them at…

Avoiding the Flu

If you haven’t gotten sick yet, and don’t want to, here are five simple steps you can take to decrease your family’s risk of getting and spreading the flu

How to Become a Morning Person

Whether you’re a night owl looking to switch camps or a part-time early riser looking to improve your habits, we have some tips for you

What to do About Back Pain Part 2
What To Do About Back Pain, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on back pain, we learned about Lamont, a man who had dealt with crippling back pain for most of his life, and the problems with understanding…

Vegan-ish, Week 1: Italian White Bean Soup

Italian white bean soup is a comfort-food classic. There are obviously many iterations of the dish, but the key features are chicken broth, some kind of aromatic herb and, of course, beans.…

Almond Butter Sauce

 This recipe is inspired from the Weimar Institute which I modified to use almonds in lieu of peanuts. It goes especially well as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, a salad dressing,…

Kenyan Beans and Rice

Everyone loves beans and rice. Try this fragrant and hearty version, perfect on a cold night with a blanket and cup of tea.

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