21 Day Diabetes Challenge – On Sale Now!

Do you want to reverse your type 2 diabetes? You can. It has been proven in multiple scientific studies that diabetes type 2 can be reversed (in most cases). The not so big secret is that lifestyle is the key to reversing the effects of diabetes. With the proper diet and exercise, you can effectively “cure” yourself from type 2 diabetes.

Of course, this is easier said than done especially with all the confusing information and diets that are promoted. But now, you can get the know-how, tools, and the motivation to reverse your disease with our new, 21-Day Diabetes Challenge.

The 21-Day Diabetes Challenge combines the critically acclaimed Diabetes Undone online course, our new online course Healthy on a Budget and the foundational 8 Laws of Health online course to give you the knowledge you need to change your health outcome. We’ve combined these video courses into bite-size, watchable videos over 21 days.

Every day of the 21-Day Challenge, you will get approximately 30 minutes’ worth of videos to watch. The Challenge also gives you 3 easy, diabetic friendly recipes every day which you can cook and a video to show you how. And a 21-day journal you can use to keep track of your progress. The course is yours for life and you can watch the videos over and over again.

You also get online versions of our 288 page diabetic cookbook, a 165 page workbook, and a 21-day journal to keep you on track. Each recipe in our cookbook is linked to a video that teaches you how to cook the recipe. We also teach your our simple, yet effective Eating in Layers secret that will teach you how to cook and eat healthy with minimal effort—especially if you are busy and don’t always have time to cook elaborate recipes.

Periodically, 21-Day Challenge members will be invited for free Zoom conferences with diabetes experts and medical experts where you can get the latest health knowledge and where you can ask questions during Q&A sessions. All for free. All for life.

Diabetes Undone

At the core of the 21-Day Challenge is the online course Diabetes Undone. Diabetes Undone is an online course developed by Life and Health Network hosted by diabetes expert Dr. Wes Youngberg that takes you through a structured program designed to help you understand the root causes of diabetes and how to use simple changes to your diet, lifestyle, and exercise to beat diabetes for good.

Two Major Myths of Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Undone works because it destroys the two biggest myths about diabetes type 2:

  1. That diabetes type 2 is a chronic and progressive disease; and
  2. That diabetes is all about blood sugar management.

Dr. Wes Youngberg DrPh, MPH, CNS, believed those two myths when he started working on the island of Guam in the 1990’s with diabetic patients. But what he learned there changed his life and the lives of his patients forever.

First, as he worked with diabetics and studied a growing movement that said that diabetes type 2 was NOT a progressive disease, he learned that he had been duped. In fact, diabetes type 2 in most cases is completely reversible.

Second, he learned that the practice of taking insulin and medication like Metformin to keep blood sugar levels down only worsen your condition. This practice creates insulin resistance—a condition that means you keep taking more and more meds, until your pancreas eventually stops working.  In fact, it’s this very practice of taking insulin and meds that lead to most of the complications from diabetes like blindness and amputation.

Dr. Youngberg spent 14 years in Guam, researching the diabetes epidemic in the Micronesian islands and providing screenings, public health education, and training for diabetes prevention and care. During this time, he developed the Diabetes Undone protocol for reversing diabetes and it’s so easy that anyone can do it once you have the knowledge and the desire to change.

With over 25 years of reversing diabetes in literally hundreds of patients, Dr. Youngberg runs the Youngberg Lifestyle and Nutritional Medicine clinic in Temecula, California. He has been featured in many major media publications and speaks around the world. You can pay thousands of dollars to get treated by him at his clinic or, you can get his knowledge and experience in the 21-Day Challenge.

Diabetes Undone is used for diabetic education at hospitals like Advent Hospital in Orlando, Tillamook Regional Medical Center in Oregon and at many other clinics. Hundreds of people across America and Canada have taken the group course in hospitals, clinics and churches and many have reversed their diabetes by making simple changes that anyone can do. Luisa Olivia-Cordero, RDN, LND, the main diabetic instructor at Advent Hospital calls Diabetes Undone “the best diabetes education program I have ever seen in my 30+ years of teaching diabetes education.”

Healthy on a Budget

Together with Diabetes Undone is Healthy on a Budget. This is an online course brought to you by registered dietitian Sherene Chou, RD that will help you understand how nutrition works and how you can establish optimal eating habits without breaking your wallet.

Sherene is an award-winning dietitian and chef focused on sustainable food and whole foods nutrition. She served as the Nutrition Director for L.A. Kitchen, a non-profit focused on serving low-income seniors, empowering former foster youth, formerly incarcerated, and formerly homeless individuals. As a University of Southern California alumni, she co-created USC Keck Medical School’s first nutrition selective for med students, the Culinary Medicine Selective. In 2017, she received the Excellence in Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Leadership Award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and in 2018, she was recognized by USC Keck Medical School for Outstanding Teaching Contributions. Most recently, she was featured as one of Today’s Dietitian Magazine’s 10 RDs who are making a difference.

Rounding out the course is our 8 Laws of Health online course. This simple yet effective course teaches you eight simple things you can do immediately that can significantly improve your health. You won’t believe how many simple lifestyle habits contribute to bad health. Knowledge is power.

Limited Time Offer

For the Christmas season, we are making the 21-Day Challenge online course available with all the course materials for an unbelievable low price of $49. That’s more than 75% off the full price of $199! For the price of a dinner for two, you can learn how to reverse diabetes and change your life forever! Just use the code 21DAYNOW at checkout to get the sale price of $49!

Your 21-Day Challenge will never expire so you can watch the videos over and over again.

You get:

  • Diabetes Undone online course (6 hours)
  • Healthy on a Budget online course (2.5 hours)
  • 8 Laws of Health online course (1 hour)
  • 288 page From Plant to Plate: Diabetes Edition cookbook with over 120 cooking videos
  • 180 page Diabetes Undone Workbook
  • Eating in Layers pdf you can print out
  • 21-day Journal you can use to daily keep track
  • Zoom meetings led by diabetes experts like Dr. Youngberg and medical doctors with Q&A sessions – FREE!
  • A private Facebook group where you can ask questions and meet other diabetics on a journey to better health. – FREE!

Remember to use the code 21DAYNOW to get 75% off for a total of $49! Your destiny doesn’t have to be the same as most type 2 diabetics who are faced with kidney failure, blindness, amputations, heart attacks, stroke and early death. Take advantage of this great deal, take control of your disease and rewrite your health story today!

Start your 21-Day Challenge Here Today!

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Danny Kwon JD

Danny is the executive director of Life and Health and identifies with the struggle most people have to eat and live healthy, going back to his days eating fast food and working long hours as an attorney all the way to his present trying to find ways to get his kids to eat their veggies. Those challenges inspire him to produce evidence-based media designed to help people live healthier, happier lives. Danny is also the CEO of Carbon Biotech, the makers of Black Ice charcoal patch and is an attorney licensed in California and Canada.


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