Make The Best of Your Bath Time

Do you remember your bath time as a kid and how fun that used to be? When I reflect on mine, it was definitely a fun time for me.   I was entertained with strawberry or bubble gum bubble bath, my favorite dolls, and even a plastic glass filled with bubbles as I pretended to drink a bubbly beverage, leaving me with a moustache. I would even eat green grapes at times.  

The hustle and bustle of adulthood tend to distract us from having pure fun and making the best out of simple things.   But did you know that a warm bath right before bed helps to improve sleep by relaxing the tension in your muscles.  Take for instance a newborn baby, or an unsettled child; as every parent knows, a warm bath right before bed does wonders.

According to psychologist Neil Morris, who surveyed 80 people and the effects of bath time, he discovered that bathing could reduce feelings of depression and pessimism.  This is because a warm bath provides a ripple effect along with a wonderful combination of solitude, quiet, and comfort. Deep down in our brain, the pleasure of closeness we receive from being submerged in warm liquid reminds us of being in the womb, and it is very soothing. Even though we may not actually remember being in our mother’s womb, the receptors of the skin and brain has not forgotten that comforting sensation, especially when the water temperature does not exceed your body temperature.  A shower, or hot bath may feel great, but a warm bath is better for your skin and immune system.

Below are some remarkable benefits you can get from a warm bath…

Taking a warm bath can elevate your mood

Using scented candlelight, soothing music, and sweet aromatic oils such as lavender, having a bath this way can be the ultimate self-care treat.  Just recently, I bought some body scrubs, a long dry brush, scented candles, face, and body exfoliating mittens.  I can tell you, that after a long hard day at work, helping the kids with homework, exercising for an hour, and cooking dinner – I so look forward to my mini spa bath time, and I do sleep very well after that.

Relieves muscle pain

Stretching and moving your body in immersed water has shown to have low impact on the joints, muscles, and bones, along with providing an effective workout via resistance. The warm water provides soothing relief to aching muscles that have been damaged from injury or stress (like from hard work or from a workout).  A warm bath also decreases the chance of injury for persons at risk of falls.

Baths can make your heart healthy

Indulging in a warm bath makes your heartbeat faster and can give it a healthy work out.

Relieves cold and flu Symptoms

Taking a shower is good too, but a warm bath causes the blood to flow easier, providing more oxygenated blood from the warm water. A warm bath or spa can kill bacteria and improve immunity; it also can relieve cold and flu like symptoms.  

Bathing Can soothe irritated skin

It’s true that baths can make the skin become dry and sometimes irritated but here’s how to make it beneficial for your skin. Add essential oils of your choice to your bath and applying a good moisturizing lotion afterwards. The oils can soothe and smooth your skin.

Bring back the kid in you and enjoy your bath time once again; for it is one of the most intimate times that you can spend with yourself. So why not spend that 15-20 minute (or however much time you need) to just kickback, relax as you immerse and smile as your inner self remembers the comfort of your mother’s womb.

Schkara Green

Schkara is from the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. She is passionate about health and the well being of humanity. She is on the final stretch of pursuing her Masters of Public Health degree from Andrews University with an emphasis in nutrition and wellness. She loves to cook, garden, travel, read and write, and spending quality time with family and friends. Her greatest gift on earth is being a mom.

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