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Are Herbal Supplements Worth Your Money?

The herbal supplements in your cupboard may not be what you paid for. Have you heard the news? In early 2015, the New York State attorney general’s office led an investigation into…

What Is Hydrotherapy?

From the Old Testament to the ancient Greeks, water has been used as a therapeutic agent and thought to have healing powers

Sweet Potato Burgers
Sweet Potato Burgers

The soft sweet potato blends with the stiffer garbanzo bean to create a firm, yet tender burger, perfect in a bun or as an entree. Recipe tips:  Freeze leftover patties and have them…

Vitamin B12 and Vegetarian Diets

Vitamin B12 (B12) is essential in the synthesis of all new cells and maintenance of myelin, a coating of the nerve pathways. B12 deficiency is a worldwide problem. A deficiency may result…

Almond Butter Sauce

 This recipe is inspired from the Weimar Institute which I modified to use almonds in lieu of peanuts. It goes especially well as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, a salad dressing,…

Kenyan Beans and Rice

Everyone loves beans and rice. Try this fragrant and hearty version, perfect on a cold night with a blanket and cup of tea.

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