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Plant to Plate—Kid’s Edition
In production

Who says kids can’t cook healthy too? Turn your little ones into plant-based enthusiasts. From kid-cooking videos, to creative recipes, to kid-friendly education about nutrition, animal rights, and the environment, this cookbook will be a must-have for plant-based parents.


Diabetes Undone
Now available!

Do your patients or loved ones have diabetes or prediabetes? This online, short-video course will empower them to reverse the condition and optimize their health. Dr. Wes Youngberg, author of Goodbye Diabetes, coaches participants through 9 modules, 45 short-videos, and over 5 hours of content. If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool for diabetes education, you’ve found it. For more information, visit

Salud es Vida
Ongoing Need

We’re thrilled to announce our new Spanish platform at Our goal is to build more Spanish content for articles, short-videos, and more. This is a unique way to broaden the impact of our health message.

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