Do you have a specific health media need for your practice or a passion for bringing new resources to life? Let’s work together to make it happen!

  • kids-in-the-kitchen

    Plant to Plate—Kid’s Edition
    In production

    Who says kids can’t cook healthy too? Turn your little ones into plant-based enthusiasts. From kid-cooking videos, to creative recipes, to kid-friendly education about nutrition, animal rights, and the environment, this cookbook will be a must-have for plant-based parents.

  • diabetes-undone

    Diabetes Undone
    Now available!

    Do your patients or loved ones have diabetes or prediabetes? This online, short-video course will empower them to reverse the condition and optimize their health. Dr. Wes Youngberg, author of Goodbye Diabetes, coaches participants through 9 modules, 45 short-videos, and over 5 hours of content. If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool for diabetes education, you’ve found it. For more information, visit

  • fourth-dimension

    The Fourth Dimension
    In production

    Physical, mental, spiritual, and social. These are the four dimensions of health. The first three get a lot of attention, but what about social health? How do interpersonal skills affect wellness? This dynamic short-video series will teach you communication skills, conflict management, and other techniques that will enhance both your personal and professional relationships.

  • salud-es-vida

    Salud es Vida
    Ongoing Need

    We’re thrilled to announce our new Spanish platform at Our goal is to build more Spanish content for articles, short-videos, and more. This is a unique way to broaden the impact of our health message.

  • new-idea

    Have a New Project Idea?

    Interested in sponsoring a new health media project? Let’s brainstorm together. Contact us with your creative idea at or (530) 287-4010.

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