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Christine Wallace, MS, CPT

Christine Wallace (MS, CPT), from Toronto Canada, was on the Canadian 2012 and 2013 Long Distance Triathlon Teams. She is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Pro Performance in Morgantown, WV, and a swim coach for the Rec Aquatic Club at West Virginia University. She is also the 5K Director for Girls on the Run of North Central West Virginia. Her passion is in helping people reach their health and wellness goals, primarily through plant-based nutrition and physical activity.

Moving In Proper Motion With Swimming, Biking, and Running Drills

The term “drill(s)” rings somewhat of a military, stay-in-line, in-synch, on-cue sort of tune for many people. For others, especially those in construction work, a drill is a tool that you use…

The Pros and Cons of Running for Time or Distance

Running for time or distance is a common and often disagreed-upon topic amongst runners. A lot of new runners, or those who have not run with a track club, etc., will often…

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