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Randy Bivens, MD

Dr. Randy Bivens graduated from Loma Linda School of Medicine, completing first an internal medicine internship, then a diagnostic radiology residency. In addition to serving as president of Life and Health Network, Dr. Bivens is also president of Bivens Medical Corporation, an imaging consulting service.

8 Laws of Health Series | Trust

In our goal to live longer, does trust in divine power play a role?

8 Laws of Health Series | Air

You’re constantly breathing it… Should it come as a surprise that it is essential to health?

8 Laws of Health Series | Temperance

“Joy, temperance, and repose, slam the door on the doctor’s nose.” What does this saying from the 1800s have to do with our lives today?

8 Laws of Health Series | Sunlight

It’s warm, it’s bright—the sun is generally thought to be a pretty happy component in our every day lives. But why do we need it?

8 Laws of Health Series | Rest

How can we get better sleep and why should we worry about it?

8 Laws of Health Series | Nutrition

Some simple, practical advice to help you eat better and live longer

8 Laws of Health Series | Water

Want to improve your health right now? Here is your (basically) free prescription

8 Laws of Health Series | Exercise

Did you know that physical fitness is the most important predictor for longevity?

8 Laws of Health Series | Intro

Here are eight natural and simple remedies that are proven to help you live longer, happier lives

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