Anxiety & Depression Relief Participant Kit



Pages: 114
ISBN: 978-0-9895575-6-6



Author: Tami Bivens, R.D.
Pages: 287
ISBN: 978-0-9895575-0-4



Presenters: Randy Bivens, M.D (English).; Eddie Ramirez, M.D.(Spanish)
Total Length: 48 Minutes
Format: DVD; Widescreen; Dual Languages
Subtitles: English/Spanish


*NOTE: This kit does NOT include the Anxiety & Depression Relief video program. This kit is the supporting books needed for the Anxiety & Depression Relief group program. The group program will provide access to the full learning program. These are just the books necessary to participate in the group program. Anxiety & Depression Relief Group Edition is a group based program designed to reverse insulin resistance, lower blood sugars, and lose weight. This program uses lifestyle principles to take the participant through a program that allows diet and exercise to heal the body. Thousands of people in America have taken Diabetes Undone in group settings in hospitals, clinics, churches, and through health coaches and many people have experienced remarkable change in their health.

This participant kit includes: a 287 page plant-based cookbook with color photos of each recipe and a QR code which, if scanned with a phone or tablet, shows a short video on how to cook the dish. The cookbook also includes tips on stocking a plant-based pantry, a 21-day meal plan to kick-start your own plant-based lifestyle, and 8 simple habits proven to positively influence health and longevity.

The workbook allows the participant to follow the video series and to reinforce learning.

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