Vegan Diet. The Fountain of Youth?

Vegan Diet. The Fountain of Youth?

For centuries, people have told tales of adventurers/entrepreneurs going on long, treacherous journeys to try and discover the fountain of youth—a spring that prevents aging. What if I told you that the fountain of youth has finally been discovered? In fact, it has been hiding in your very own backyard!

Listen to Annette Larkin’s story, an extraordinary woman who has defied time simply by eating raw fruits and vegetables from her garden.

Annette is beautiful and proud 74-year-old grandmother, who looks like she’s in her 40s. What is her fountain of youth? She says it is the food in her garden. “My diet consists of fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds. I do a lot of sprouting of seeds and as you can see from my garden and of course these are the raw foods that I eat.” Besides eating whole raw foods, Annette also juices her produce and collects rainwater to drink.

Annette started her diet because she wanted to feel healthy and have more energy, but she ended up reaping more benefits than she expected, meaning she maintained her youthfulness.

So what did we learn from Annette’s story? Fruits and vegetables alone have amazing benefits not only to our health but also the ability to slow down the aging process. So put away expensive creams, facials, and stick to something that’s cheap and produces amazing results: raw food.

Now don’t misunderstand me, for most people, going fully raw is a bit extreme and may not even be entirely healthy. The moral of the story is to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, deciding to go raw for a day in a week or even a meal could be a great means increasing your fresh food intake.

You may have seen some elaborate raw food recipes on social media, but you don’t have to make recipes like those. You can start off easily by having a delicious fruit smoothie or by adding a side salad to every dinner. Not only will you look young, but you’ll notice a difference in your energy levels as well! Why not give it a try?


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