7 Relationship Sins 06 | Misinterpretation

Negatively interpreting other people can create terrible frustration in a relationship. We human beings love to be known and perceived correctly. In fact, in most cases, we’re willing to let go of being agreed with, if we are simply understood.

The replacement for misinterpreting is checking in. Don’t be overconfident in your own interpretation of the matter. Check in and make sure you heard the person correctly. I use an acronym called E.A.R., Empathy = Ask and Reflect. The way to empathy, and connection is to ask questions to draw out the other person, and to reflect back what you heard them say in your own words.

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Jennifer Jill Schwirzer LPC

In 1999 Jennifer graduated summa cum laude from Atlantic Union College. She is the founder of Michael Ministries, a music/speaking/writing ministry. She has produced six CDs of her own music and given concerts in the United States, Canada, Africa, South America, and Europe. Previous books include Testimony of a Seeker, A Most Precious Message, and I Want It All. Jennifer and husband, Michael, have been married for more than 20 years and have two children, Alison and Kimberly.

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