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We used to think of people with psychological disorders as “crazy” types tucked away in
institutions, barely able to speak a coherent sentence. No more. Since counseling
“mainstreamed” in the late-1900s, psychological treatment has become commonplace. People visit their dentist, their doctor, and their therapist, not because they’re necessarily doing terribly, but because they need some help along the way. Some of us need help with the two most common mental disorders, anxiety and depression. Anxiety affects close to 20% of Americans every year,  and depression, the leading cause of disability, affects close to 10%.  If we consider the whole lifetime of a person, those rates are much higher. The point: Many, many average, everyday people struggle with these two disorders. If you do, you’re not crazy, weak, or irreversibly damaged. You’re on a healing journey.

And we’d like to be part of it.

Many who suffer with these two disorders never receive treatment. For example, over two-thirds of Americans with anxiety never receive treatment for it. We can attribute this to a complex array of factors. To mention a few:

Stigma- People feel ashamed and self-conscious about mental health problems.
Cost- Not all insurances cover behavioral health, and self-pay can be exorbitant.
Accessibility– Due to distance and fear of disclosing personal issues with a stranger,
finding help can be a difficult process.

This is why Life and Health Network, in partnership with Abide Network, created Anxiety & Depression Relief, a six-session, user-friendly, affordable and accessible psychoeducational course that provides in-depth knowledge of, and practical solutions for, these treatable conditions.

Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, LPC, leads out in this video adventure. You’ll receive access to the online professionally-recorded and edited video session as well as an attractive online workbook. As you work through the material, you’ll learn about your condition and time-tested, scientifically- proven methods of recovery. We are offering the course now at a special price of $99 (normally $199)!

The video course as a stand-alone tool is specially priced at 50% off and can be purchased at-

This is a great value as either a stand-alone treatment for mild conditions or, for more severe cases, a supplement to professional treatment. You can’t go wrong with Anxiety & Depression Relief!

Danny Kwon JD

Danny is the executive director of Life and Health and identifies with the struggle most people have to eat and live healthy, going back to his days eating fast food and working long hours as an attorney all the way to his present trying to find ways to get his kids to eat their veggies. Those challenges inspire him to produce evidence-based media designed to help people live healthier, happier lives. Danny is also the CEO of Carbon Biotech, the makers of Black Ice charcoal patch and is an attorney licensed in California and Canada.

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