The Truth about Soy

Soy has been a somewhat controversial food over the last few decades. Clearly, soybeans are packed with protein and other nutrients, but does consuming them come with a cost? Many health claims—both negative and positive—have been leveled at soy over the years; and a large amount of money has been spent on research. What do the experts have to say about the matter?

To get to the bottom of this we met up with Mark Messina, the executive director of the Soy Nutrition Institute. The knowledge he gained in his 20+ years of soy research was evident in the answers he gave us.

So here they are, answers to common questions about soy and health (click the links to see the videos):


Should men be concerned about consuming soy?

What is the relationship between soy and breast cancer?

Do soy products help with menopause symptoms?

How much soy should someone consume? How much is too much?

What types of soy foods are healthiest?

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Jon Ewald, MD

Jon Ewald grew up in Minnesota and has a love for the outdoors. He obtained his medical degree at Loma Linda University, graduating in 2020. He is currently completing his residency in Radiology at University of Pittsburgh.

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