Let food be thy medicine. Learn how changing your diet from animal-based to plant-based can help eliminate or control diseases like cancer and diabetes, and then put it into practice by following our easy plant-based recipes.
Kale SaladBy María HummelKale is one of the most concentrated micronutrient vegetables full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Because of its texture and strong flavor, it is sometimes difficult to eat it raw. But if the very finely chopped leaves are mixed with the lemon dressing, the flavor will be much softer and the result will be a wonderful salad.
Green Baked FalafelBy María HummelFalafel is a highly appreciated dish in the Middle East. It's typically made of chickpea or bean balls or croquettes that are fried and served with tahini sauce, hummus or pita bread. For a healthier version, this falafel is baked instead fried, and has green leafy vegetables for more nutrition.
Hummus WrapBy Life and Health NetworkBalanced, simple, delicious. Try it on a sun-dried tomato, spinach, or regular whole-wheat flour tortilla!
Roasted Peppers and Marinara SauceBy Life and Health NetworkThere are countless delicious ways to stuff bell peppers. Just like magic, halved bell peppers turn into little boats that are perfect for filling with various ingredients to make a simple meal with a (boat)load of flavor. This stuffed peppers recipe is one of my favorites and for good reason! It features a blend of favorite Italian and Mediterranean flavors with its tomatoes, basil, and capers, and is a truly healthy, eye-catching, and delicious side.
Tabbouleh Hummus WrapBy Life and Health NetworkThis is a great example of mixing and matching recipes. Take the Tabbouleh recipe and stuff it into a wrap with hummus. Fantastic!
Roasted Beet HummusBy Life and Health NetworkWow your guests (and kids) with this stunning hummus. Full of low-glycemic flavor, this dip works great as a sandwich spread on bread or pita.
Ultimate Greek Chopped SaladBy Life and Health NetworkSure, we miss the feta cheese too, but the garbanzo beans add a delicious texture and protein to this simple salad.
Protein-Packed Quinoa SaladBy Life and Health NetworkThis earthy, nutty flavored, grain-like seed makes a great rice substitute. It’s gluten-free, packed with protein, and delicious! Life and Health tip:  Remember that grains in your salad still count as carbohydrate servings. To bulk up this meal, could add extra beans and serve with carrot sticks and fresh fruit.
Baked FalafelBy Life and Health NetworkFalafel might be one of the things you’ve never made from scratch before, but don’t be intimidated. The food processor does double duty for the chickpea mixture and the falafel balls are easily hand-or-ice-cream-scoop-formed, thanks to the breadcrumbs that bind everything together. One bite into a warm whole-wheat pita stuffed with freshly baked falafel and a few shakes of hot sauce, and ordering take out falafel will seem like too much trouble.